Lyn A. Lunn, OT

Lyn is pictured here with John F. Barnes, PT, following completion of the week-long Skill Enhancement Seminar at the Myofascial Healing Sanctuary in Malvern, PA, July, 2016.


Lyn Lunn is a licensed Occupational Therapist in the state of CT and a highly trained MFR practitioner. 

She graduated with honors from the University of New Hampshire, with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (OT). This discipline (OT) focuses on regaining function in all aspects of life.  With over 24 years of rehabilitation experience in pediatric, adult and geriatric age groups, Lyn has an extensive understanding of how to best facilitate healing.  Since beginning her training in 2014 with John F. Barnes, PT, Lyn has applied the principles and techniques of MFR to her patients in short- and long-term rehab settings. Inspired by the incredible results with this hands on manual therapy approach, Align Therapeutics treatment studio opened in 2016 in Madison, CT.    


Specialized training:

Myofascial Release I

Myofascial Release II

Myofascial Unwinding

Fascial-Pelvis Myofascial Release

Cervical-Thoracic Myofascial Release

Pediatric Myofascial Release

Skill Enhancement Seminar

Myofascial Mobilization

Myofascial Rebounding

Subtle Energy Therapy - Level I

Advanced  Myofascial Unwinding 

Fascial Cranium

Always learning, always repeating...


Lyn enjoys spending time with her family, being outside, NY Yankees, NY Football Giants, and amateur photography.