Myofascial release treatment sessions

Direct hands-on therapy is provided in a soothing, restorative environment to facilitate healing. MFR can be used as a therapeutic approach to directly target pain relief and improve postural alignment. Myofascial Release techniques are effective in reducing anxiety and improving energy levels.  Moreover, MFR is effective as a preventative measure to reduce stress and maintain overall emotional and physical well-being.  Education of self treatment techniques are incorporated into sessions.  Self treatment empowers each patient to maintain their optimal level of function.


An MFR Wellness Assessment and Evaluation is required and included during the initial visit for clients receiving MFR treatment. This screening includes a review of your medical history, and assessment of postural alignment, mobility, strength and range of motion to determine the optimal application of MFR principles to improve function, reduce pain, reduce stress and increase overall wellness.  Following the evaluation, goals and treatment plan are established with the patient, which include the recommended frequency and duration of treatments.  A minimum of 60 minutes of hands-on treatment is included in the first session.

60 / 90 minute treatment sessions

Each treatment session starts with an assessment of postural alignment and current concerns.  Myofascial Release techniques are utilized to optimize alignment, decrease pain and increase function.  Self-treatment techniques are also taught at each session for at-home follow use to speed your return to health.

in- home treatment sessions

Sessions in your home are available depending on location and scheduling availability.