Client Testimonials

I am extremely grateful for the privilege of practicing John Barnes Myofascial Release.  The work and my clients are amazing.  In their own words about MFR -

"My experience with Myofascial Release Therapy, as practiced by Lyn Lunn at Align Therapeutics, has been totally transformative!  I have had various aches and pains in my legs and hips which I had attributed to a combination of lingering sciatica (following a debilitating episode several years ago), some arthritis in my knee, generally getting older and creakier, oh, and tennis....I have had PT on and off, but with a few sessions of MFR therapy with Lyn, the pain has gone completely!  Turns out my right hip was rotated forward, which had knock-on effects pretty much everywhere!  I feel altogether more agile, limber and can now squat down, get down and up from the floor, and go up and down stairs easily and pain-free!  It has also hugely helped with stiffness after driving and on getting out of bed in the morning.  My posture is better and I feel more balanced physically.  Lyn has a wonderful manner - she is very knowledgeable, explains everything really well and conveys a clear, underlying sense of warmth and caring through her healing hands.  I felt thoroughly at ease - which is really key, I think.  The treatment sessions are very relaxing.  I can't recommend Lyn strongly enough.  Thank you so much Lyn!"

Liz Miranker

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"I would recommend Lyn to anyone that has been dealing with pain issues for so long that they've given up hope of ever finding any relief.  9 years ago I got thrown from a horse, landing on my feet from 6' up, and ended up with 2 crushed discs and spinal stenosis.  2 years ago I jumped into a concrete pool, not realizing it was only 3' deep, and seriously injured my knees.  Last year I fell through my bathroom ceiling from the attic.

To say I've been in constant pain for 9 years is an understatement.  I had tried everything...spinal injections, PT, massage, CBD oil, etc.  NOTHING helped.  Walking any real distance, doing everyday chores, and just sitting down became these impossible tasks.  I was becoming more and more inactive and depressed.

Then a friend referred me to Lyn. What a BLESSING she has been for me!!!! I actually felt some relief from pain after just ONE session with her.  More than I had in years or from any other treatment!  As I continued my therapy with Lyn, I just kept improving.  I was totally out of alignment when I started and now....I am 98% pain free!!!  Some of my injuries can't be fixed without surgery so... 98% is a miracle!  I am jogging now, doing more things for myself without the help of my husband or son, and am back to looking forward to tending my garden.  Lyn gave me some at home exercises to maintain and continue to improve.  My husband is going to start treatment with her this month also.

I will be forever grateful to Lyn for the pain relief and for giving me my life and hope back."


Joanne DeNicola

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"Lyn is awesome!  Sweet, funny, and caring is a must in the practice of healing others and Lyn definitely possesses all three of those characteristics.  After dealing with a nagging hamstring injury for over a year, a friend suggested I find a Myofascial Release Therapist.  I had been to many massage therapists, but I knew that Myofascial Release was different.  I must say I was skeptical about if it would work or not.  I'm happy to report not only did it work, but Lyn was so amazing that within three sessions all of my symptoms and pain were gone!!  I had full range of motion again!  I was in awe and ecstatic!  A year of repeated visits to many excellent massage therapists had done nothing to alleviate the pain but with Lyn's expertise she knew just what to do and in only three visits she had healed my injury!  Lyn truly has a gift and I do not hesitate to recommend her!  Thanks again Lyn!! "


Jennifer Nuzzo

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"Meeting Lyn and making an appointment with her in her Align Therapeutics studio has been so beneficial for me.  When I began having headaches in September i thought they were my usual stress / tension headaches.  Over the next few weeks they became almost constant.  Over the counter medicines didn't help. Over several visits, my primary care physician prescribed a narcotic pain reliever, muscle relaxer, allergy medicine and finally an anti-depressant, none of which worked.  I had no other symptoms (such as fever or neurological signs). The chiropractor couldn't release the tightness in my neck.  Acupuncture didn't seem to help.  Exercise and even gentle yoga often made the tightness and headaches worse.  At times it felt like a sinus headache even though I did not have other sinus symptoms. After 6 months, the headaches were chronic and I could only describe them as feeling like several razor blades being drawn back over my scalp.  I am an Occupational Therapist myself so I am familiar with myofascial release, had even had MFR approximately 20 years ago.  I felt it was the one thing that might be gentle enough to help without causing a rebound effect.

I found Lyn Lunn and Align Therapeutics via a Google search.  I wish I had looked for her sooner.  Lyn evaluated my symptoms and treated me in the first session.  She gave me homework (which I dutifully followed).  I have had once weekly sessions with Lyn for 5 weeks.  Over the course of those 5 weeks as my body unwound, the headaches have lessened both in frequency and intensity and my neck muscles are finally loosening up.  Gone are the razor blades on my scalp.  Lyn seems to instinctively know where to go with my body from week to week, targeting and releasing areas of restriction.  This process is very gentle but extremely effective.  It is a blessing that I found her."

Melissa Hart

"Lyn has helped me with back pain issues for several months.  I have been amazed and impressed with her natural, organic treatment, which feels kind of like magic to me.  Don't really know what she does, but I know I feel better."

Jane Stamler

"Myofascial Release came to my attention in August, from my massage therapist.  I have, over the decades, been a patient of chiropractic due to lower back pain and exercise-induced injuries.  While temporary relief was successful, my experience with MFR (Myofascial Release) has been more positive in a shorter time.

MFR is a gentle, hands-on treatment to align your body's muscles to their proper place to reduce pain and improve flexibility or to improve mobility in any given area.  Lyn is very professional and experienced in Occupational Therapy, and has a cozy office adjacent to her home, which is centrally located in Madison.  She readily explains her methods and engenders confidence in her abilities.  Lyn will also provide you with a few targeted exercises to do on your own, which I have found keep me in alignment.

Both my husband and my dearest friend are now her clients - and we all have more mobility, less pain, feel better and are much less stressed about our aches and pains.  I highly recommend Lyn as a dedicated and talented MFR professional here on the CT Shoreline."

Barbara Syah

Guilford, CT

"Myo fascial WHAT?!!

I am 67 years old and have been suffering with chronic neck pain for decades.  I had tried everything - or so I thought!

Nevertheless, if my massage therapist, who I adored, hadn't told me I needed to see Lyn, I would NEVER have gone to her.  My massage therapist said she could only give me temporary relief, but Lyn could get to the bottom of the issue and correct it!

OK - too good to be true, but I gave her a try.  I've been seeing Lyn for the last 3 months and I am 90% better.

Myofascial Release is SO GENTLE that I didn't really trust that anything was happening at first!  How could lying down with soft music on, in this lovely dimly lit room, with this woman gently placing her hands on my body take my pain away?

Also, Lyn is a brilliant diagnostician.  She told me my decades of neck pain is because my pelvis was mis-aligned and rotated.

I appreciate the simple exercises Lyn suggests to supplement what she does.

At every appointment she is measuring.... don't ask me what!  But she compares the numbers to the time before.  She clearly knows the plan!  This is scientific and even though I don't understand it, it works!

I am SO GRATEFUL for my massage therapist insisting that I see her."

Amy V.

Clinton, CT


"I have been suffering from excruciating pain throughout my body for 2 years.  As it became worse, I sought medical help.  After visiting my internist, my orthopedic doctor, and a physiatrist, they were all puzzled and could offer no diagnosis.  X-rays and MRIs showed no identifiable problem. I went for a massage and was told she thought it was the fascia.  I Googled "fascia pain" and found Myofascial release technique.  Lyn Lunn was nearby and I made an appointment as I didn't know where else to turn.  After one session, there was relief.  After 8 sessions I was pain free and could sit for long periods with no discomfort. I cannot say enough about the care and concern I received from Lyn.  She thoroughly evaluated my body and designed treatment to meet my issues.  It was a blessing to have found her and to be living pain free.  Thanks, Lyn!"

Mary F.

Branford, CT